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The Actor's Space

The Actor's Space

The Actor's Space

The Actor’s Space is a creative professional development initiative hosted by Laine from Loxlea Creative.

Why am I doing this?

The Actor's Space is designed to help actors reach their full potential through professional development. Hosted by me, Laine, from Loxlea Creative, this weekly initiative provides actors with the support and guidance needed to pursue their career goals and take their performance to the next level. With a focus on honing their skills and understanding the industry, actors will gain invaluable insights from the industry experts and experienced professionals who will be taking part in the initiative. Whether you are a beginner, an established actor, or somewhere in between, The Actor's Space will provide you with the tools, resources, and support to help you further your career and reach your goals.

Why would I want to do this?

I am passionate about the creative arts and the people who make them. Creative people are vital to the world, but they are not given enough credit for their immense contributions. Their craft is often dismissed as insignificant compared to other professions, like being a lawyer or a teacher. However, if one were to take away the creative outlets that people use in their everyday lives, such as Netflix, Spotify, gaming, art, photos, Instagram, and music, I'm sure they would be devastated. That is why I want to do my part to restore the balance and share the information and knowledge I have about the industry. I want to see the industry grow and ensure that everyone has the chance to work in the creative arts. That is why I am doing the Actor's Space, a creative professional development initiative hosted by Laine from Loxlea Creative.

What do we do at the Actor's Space?

Loxlea Creative will host weekly gatherings for actors from all genres at the Cleveland Artist Retreat, where they can receive career support, mentoring, guidance, assistance in creating and maintaining all the tools that an actor needs to be ready for a successful career or to maintain a successful career as well as being able to workshop ideas with other actors with the support of Laine as their mentor.

Sort of activities that we will be doing at the actor’s space, include but are not limited to:

  • Act for Camera scene development and filming.

  • Filming of self-tape auditions

  • Actor Profile creation and development.

  • Assistance with Headshot choice

  • Discussions regarding Industry trends, possible career pathways, what the next step in your career could be and how to go about it,

  • Act for Stage work shopping audition prep and support.

The Actor's Space is held at the Cleveland, Artist Retreat, Queensland. 

Duration: between 1 -3 hours 

Fees: Pay What You Can with a minimum of $10 per person per session.

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