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Sing & Play Folk Guitar Lessons

Playing Guitar
Playing Guitar

Sing & Play Guitar Lessons

Have you ever wanted to rock out with your friends singing and playing guitar around a campfire? I have, and I've done it! I took my guitar all over Europe with me back in 1992. Yes, that's right, 1992. But what a memory! I remember teaching these wonderful Italian music lovers Big Yellow Taxi by Joni Mitchel on a picturesque balcony overlooking an Italian vineyard in the month of May. See, that's why you learn to Sing & Play Folk Guitar. So you can go anyway and take your love of sharing music with you anywhere. You could travel to Ireland and join in a traditional folk jam session. Or you could travel to California and Sing and Play Folk Guitar on the beach while some totally awesome surfer dudes hang 10 surfing some gnarly waves. The possibilities are endless. And if want a super quick way to become musical and share music, then Sing & Play Folk Guitar is the way to go. 

But what is Folk Guitar? Well, you know when you go to a cool little club to see some live music and you see the muso strumming and plucking their guitar while singing? Well, that's Folk Guitar. It's based on learning all the chord shapes and then either strumming or plucking the guitar as you sing. If you really apply yourself and practice you can be playing the songs you love within about six months. During the lesson, we will also make sure you are singing well and healthily. And eventually, a traveling troubadour you can become.


Lessons are available in Cleveland Queensland. 


20mins - $33

30mins - $50

45mins - $75

60mins - $100

Discounts are available for bulk payments with a no-cancellation clause.

Shared lessons are available for Sing and Play Guitar. So bring a friend along and share the cost.

Please use the contact form below to connect with me and let's get you started on your Sing & Play Folk Guitar journey.

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