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Mentoring & Coaching for Actors

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Mentoring & Coaching for Actors

Looking to improve your Act for Camera and Act for Stage skills? I can help!

There is so much preparation that goes into creating an unforgettable performance for both stage and screen. It can be helpful to be mentored through this process by a performance coach like myself.  Together we develop performance ideas you can incorporate into your stage or screen performance. In these sessions, I can give you helpful feedback on how you could improve your performance and improve your chances of attracting audition requests. You can turn your performance into a great performance by working with me to hone your stagecraft and screen craft. Learn about stage presence, screen presence, performance design, microphone technique, and creative project design. During each session, you will have to opportunity to film a scene that you can use to enhance your actor profile or use for an audition opportunity.

I have been a professional performer and teacher for 34 years and have developed a lot of knowledge and skill on how to get and keep your audience's attention and have them wanting more. Let's work together to make your next audition or performance unstoppable and unforgettable!

Coaching is available in Cleveland Queensland. 


60mins - $100

90mins - Discounted Price $130.

Please click the link to connect with me and let me help you become a knockout performer. 

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