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Professional Performer Training

Female Singer
Singer Recording a Song

Professional Performer Training

To become a professional performer you need passion, commitment, skill, drive, and a great plan. The performance training module covers information, skills, and training essential to the professional performer. Topics Covered:


  • Musicianship Practical, Theoretical, Creative, Advanced Vocal Styling Techniques, Vocal Improvisation, Stage Presence, Stage Etiquette, Performance Styles, Performance Techniques Stage Presentation, Performance Practice, Stage Movement Speaking on Stage, Creative Project Design, Microphone Technique, Performance Confidence, Theatre Orientation, Staging Directions, Prompt Sheets


We will discuss the realities of being a Performer and how to develop and maintain confidence in your talent. We will empower you to professionally accept disappointments, negative feedback, and rejection and transform all energy into a positive learning experience.


20mins - $33

30mins - $50

45mins - $75

60mins - $100

*Discounts are available for bulk payments with a no-cancellation clause.

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