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Sing & Play Piano Lessons

Playing Piano
Playing Piano

Sing & Play Piano Lessons

How wonderful and cool is it to be able to sing and play the piano at the same time? Super wonderfully cool, right? I have spent many an hour, day, month, and year singing and playing the piano. I've earnt my living for many years, playing in clubs and restaurants, hotel lobbies, and at functions. And I loved every second of it. Wouldn't be great to have a sing-a-long around the piano with the family next Christmas? or sing for yourself, or even start your own band, The possibilities are endless. 

When I teach Sing and Play Piano, I make sure that you can play reading sheet music and playing from lead sheets and charts. I also help you develop your singing voice so that you can really let loose and sing and play up a storm.  As stated before this is an excellent way to prepare yourself for being in a band or starting on the gig circuit as a self-accompanying musician.

Lessons are available in Cleveland Queensland. 


20mins - $33

30mins - $50

45mins - $75

60mins - $100

*Discounts are available for bulk payments with a no-cancellation clause.

Please use the contact form below to connect with me and let's get you started on your Sing & Play Piano journey.

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