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Loxlea Creative Talent Management 

Loxlea Creative Talent Management is a boutique agency that represents Actors, Musical Theatre Performers, and Creatives for leading and supporting roles in Film, Television, Stage, and Musical Theatre. Opening my own agency means I can imbue the angency with my ethos of caring for sensitive, creative artists. Because I am one, I am a sensitive, creative artist, yet I am also a business boss woman powerhouse! I like to get things done and make magic!

I keep my stable of actors and creatives small so I can know and understand the talent on my books really well. As a talent agent/manager, I take a personalised approach and work with each of my talent mentoring them and assisting them to create an artist package that will represent them to casting directors and producers in the most effective way. I am truly passionate about helping actors and artists to develop their careers because I am an actor, so I know what an actor needs and wants. And that is what I want to do for my talent. 

I have decided to focus on lead and supporting role work only so that I have the time to support each of my actors as much as possible. There are no upfront costs for joining the agency, no long-term lock-in contracts, and no requirements to produce your actor's package (headshots, showreel, Showcast profile, etc ) through Loxlea Creative. All talent will need to have an active up-to-date Showcast profile with both headshots and audiovisual scenes for me to represent you. If you are unsure how to go about this, I can guide you. 

If you've ever been represented by an agent before you may have experienced that some agencies have high-rung actors and low-rung actors. The high rung means you made it into the stable of lead role actors. The low rung means they will book you for extra and commercial face work and you may be lucky enough to get some featured extra work. It can often be very difficult to break through the low rung into the high rung. At Loxlea Creative I don't have a low rung. You will never be saying to yourself,  "how to do get into her top rung of actors, how do I break through?" Every one of my talent is in the high rung. You start at the top of my books. And as long as you do the work needed to build your career, I will be right there beside you helping you to achieve what you wish. You are not just a face to me you are a career and a powerful creative expression that I care about. 

To support my talent, all of my talent have the benefit of using my filming studio (my repurposed garage, haha!) to film their reels, self-tapes, slates, and scenes. There is no formal cost for this, I hire it on a Pay-What-You-Can (PWYC) fee basis. So there are no hurdles to getting your showreel done or updating your scene work regularly. You can find out more about this on the studio page or by clicking...

I try to only have 50-60 actors on my books at any one time. I have opened my books to new actors and am eager to meet exciting new talent. This is a passion project for me it's about immersing myself in the creative world of performance and doing what I can to help talent have the careers they want. If you are interested in applying to join the agency please get in contact using the form below. Send through your C.V. current headshot and a link to a recent showreel, self-test, or scene using the contact form below. 

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Please send your C.V. current headshot and a link to a recent showreel, self-test, or scene using the contact form below or alternatively email them to:

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