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Filming Shed Studio Hire

Film your self-tape, scene, showreel, or slate at

Loxlea Creative's shed studio for Pay-What-You-Can!


Submitting self-tapes is the way actors "get that job" these days. So the pressure to submit the best self-tape you can as quickly as possible is super important to the successful actor. However, going to a professional studio every time you need to film a self-tape is super expensive. So what do you do if you don't have the space or the money to set up your own studio at home?  


So you need to film your self-tape and you need a well-pointed filming studio to do it, but you don't want to spend an arm and a leg to get it done. On top of that, you need to get it filmed when you have time to do it - after work, in the middle of the day, after your acting class at 8 pm at night.  But the studio you usually use can't fit you in and they've just raised their prices, so now instead of paying a bucketload, you have to pay a truckload. But what is the sense in that? You spend a truckload of money to do a self-tape that you may not even get the job from. That ends up being a lot of expense, and alot of running around. So what's the solution?

The Solution

The solution is...come to Loxlea Creative's Shed Studio and get that filming done for What-You-Can-Pay!  That's right, What-You-Can-Pay! I have turned my garage (please note the picture above is not my garage - actual pictures coming soon) into a multi-purpose film studio/garage. I have great lighting and a mixture of backdrops to help you get that filming done. But the best bit of all is I hire it on a Pay-What-You-Can bases. Which means you only pay what you can afford. I hire the space out on an hourly basis. And basically, you can book it at almost any time of the day or week, Monday to Sunday, between the hours of 9am -9pm. Just a heads up, The mowing people come on a Monday morning so maybe don't book it then. But other than that I live in a quiet, peaceful suburb. Which is an excellent place to do some filming of self-tapes. 

To make a booking or find out more contact me...

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