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ScatDaddle Vocal Ensemble Class

Gospel Group

Registrations Now Open for ScatDaddle Vocal Ensemble

Isn't singing in harmony with other people an amazing experience to have? I know when I teach people how to sing in harmony together their faces light up and they are absolutely chuffed that they can sing in harmony with a group of people. If you have ever wanted to learn to sing in harmony with other people while improving your singing as well as having some performance outcomes to work towards, then ScatDaddle is for you. ScatDaddle is weekly training in the art of harmony singing as well as the opportunity to improve your voice at the same time. 

I run a few ScatDaddle sessions per week in a number of different venues. You are able to attend one, some, or all sessions you would like to. The sessions are paid by the term in advance and are not refundable. The more sessions you come to per week the cheaper the fees. If you are unable to attend a class you can make that class up in the same 6-week term by attending a different session.


I keep the group size for each session to approx 6-12 people to be able to focus on everyone's vocal and musical needs. Then at the end of the semester and year, we all come together for a red-hot sing fest! Being in ScatDaddle affords you the opportunity to perform with the group if you would like.


There is no experience necessary to join the classes. The only entry requirement is to be able to sing in tune. We sing a mixed array of classic, well-loved songs from the Jazz, Pop, and Musical Theatre genres.  All resources supplied.

Session times: TBA

There will be a number of daytime and evening times to choose from every week. Please register your interest in being in ScatDaddle to receive all the information. 

Group Size Per Session: 6-12 people.

Venues: Cleveland and Logan

Duration: 60 mins

Fee: $150 per 6-week term paid in advance. No refunds. If you miss a class, you can join a different class within that 6-week term to make up for that missed class. No extension on make-up lessons.

Term Dates: TBA


Please use the contact form below to connect with me and let's get you started on your harmony singing journey.

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