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The Firefly Project

Original Art Work by Ellenie Faith Art

Through the Flyfire Project, Laine Loxlea-Danann is giving a voice to Vocal Musicians living with disabilities and inspiring them to find their glow again.

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Soft Fall.jpg
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Soft Fall.jpg

In 2022 I was diagnosed with a very rare condition called bilateral, superia, semi-circular canal disencence. This is basically a death sentence for a musician. SCDS is a rare condition caused by abnormal thinness or incomplete closure of one of the bony canals in the inner ear. The problem can cause hearing loss, sound distortion, and balance problems triggered by loud noises or intracranial pressure caused by sneezing or coughing.I am now finding my way to a new destination as a singer. Where that is I'm not quiet sure. But as a work with my wonderful musical friend Dave Spicer, we are going to find that place togethere. I may be a recording artist. I may be a writer composer or I amy find a way to be a vocal performer again. Who knows? Dave and I are embarking on a journey of discovery together. We are work out how I can sing again. Every few weeks Dave and I meet and record some of my songs, focusing on how I can hear again as a singer would. The fruits of this u ion will make up my 4 recorded work called Firefly. This is a live and raw album that focuses on truth on the fancy recording techiques. once the project is finished it will be available on Spotify etc for streaming. If you would like to know more about this crazy disability I have now, please reach out!

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