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Piano Lessons


Piano Lessons

I love playing the piano. I can literally get lost in my own little musical world when I play the piano. I love sharing that love and passion with everyone and anyone who is interested. When I teach I like to make sure my students can play both reading notation and using leads sheets and charts. This approach ensures that you can engage in music playing in all ways that may be expected of you when you share playing music with others. It means you can play both by reading notation, for example when playing classical music, and popular songs arranged for piano and playing pop, jazz, and modern music by reading a lead sheet or chart. I love making learning piano super fun and as easy and quick as possible. All you need to do is bring your passion, fingers, and practice. 


You may also like to sit for your Trinity College London exam if you wish. Please ask me more about this if you are interested. Lessons are available in Cleveland Queensland. 


20mins - $33

30mins - $50

45mins - $75

60mins - $100

*Discounts are available for bulk payments with a no-cancellation clause.

Please use the contact form below to connect with me and let's get you started on your singing journey.

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